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(North of the River)

Zag8 Information and Contacting Us - A Marketing Tool for businesses within 1 mile of the G.U. campus
(North of the River)
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    is a division of Omni Marketing located in Spokane, Washington.

The Zag8 project was developed to help the merchants close to Gonzaga University attract more neighborhood residents for a fraction of traditional advertising costs. is the only website of its kind in Spokane and, at this time, is only available for the Gonzaga area.

Target Audiences: G.U. area residents. Students: Gonzaga, WSU and EWU at SIRTI, and SCC. Workers in the Gonzaga area plus Downtown businesspeople, Avista, WSDOT, etc. Visitors to this area: sporting event attendees, parents and guests of G.U. students, nursing home visitors, etc.

Website Promotion: through the internet via search engine optimization.

Advantages: Zag8 is easy to find, navigate and remember. No Contracts, this is a month to month advertising opportunity. All display ads are full color on the computer and might be printed out in full color by the end user. Out of area consumers will be able to easily find this website when searching for Gonzaga District businesses.

Affordable: Every business in this area will be able to afford exposure on this website. Prices are only $6 per month (minimum 6 month agreement).

Only $6 per month

The minimum term is six months ($36).
That price includes the setup provided that the text and complete graphic file is emailed to us.

We can create a simple webpage for your business for as little as $50 for the first page and $35 for each additional page.
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to building a website.

Hosting the website (single page or multipage) is only $7/mo. Your site would have the name of:
More comprehensive web design, a customized website name and other graphic services are available.
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Contact: Mike Thompson

Phone: 509-489-3871
Mailing Address: Omni Marketing
4023 E. Cleveland
Spokane WA 99217
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The Ford Language Institute
Ford Language Institute
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